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Indian Institute of Information Technology; Bhopal

The Indian Institutes of Information Technologies were primarily conceptualized as research-oriented institutes in IT and non-IT domain with the strong focus on the development of new technologies and their transfer to industry and society. The government by design has given these Institutes autonomy in order to establish excellent institutes in teaching, learning, and research & skill development.

The IT & industry policy of Madhya Pradesh (which includes software technology parks, hardware technology parks, fiscal concessions, land procurement, government purchase preference, strategy to increase IT exports, etc.), will encourage and attract IT industry to the state. As the demand for IT education is constantly increasing in MP, the Indian Institute of Information Technology Bhopal (IIIT-B) is designed to be a centre of excellence in Information Technology, and its allied areas.

IIIT Bhopal would be provided complete autonomy to set fees and raise funds through donations, with no link to the size of the corpus that it can maintain. The proposed location for IIIT Bhopal is approximately 50 acres of land at Bhopal. This land is owned and in possession of the Government. This proposed site is easily accessible by airport, railway station, and bus stand.

IIIT Bhopal would be a Not-for-profit Public-Private Partnership (N-PPP) entity, and it will be register as a society. The partners in setting up of the IIIT would be the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Governments of MP, and the Industry. The capital cost of IIIT-Bhopal is Rs. 128.00 Crore and this would be contributed in the ratio of 50: 35: 15 by the Central Govt, the State Govt, and the industry respectively. Four companies (Genpact, Trident InfoTech Ltd, Core Education Pvt Ltd and AISECT ) responded to the EoI floated by Govt of MP and expressed their willingness to become industry partners with IIIT Bhopal and contribute Rs. 39 crores. As per the guidelines of MHRD, GoI the State Government -layouts to restrict the private investment in IIIT Bhopal up to 20 crores.

Information Kiosks

The IT Policy of the Govt. of Madhya Pradesh also lays thrust on setting up of information Kiosks for providing email. Internet and other value added services.