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Establishment of "Security Operational Center (SOC)" in MP State Data Center  (SDC) 01-08-2022 pdf-img

मध्यप्रदेश विज्ञान,प्रौद्योगिकी एवं नवाचार नीति 2022 (MPSTIP 2022) (In Hindi)


Madhya Pradesh Science, Technology & Innovation Policy 2022 (MPSTIP 2022) (In English)








RTI Act 2005 05-01-2023 pdf-img
IT Policy 2016 Order 22-11-2022 pdf-img
State Computer Security Incident Response Team, Order 2022 14-12-2022 pdf-img

Tower Policy Order 2 BSNL Land Free of Cost



14-12-2022 pdf-img
Tower Policy Order Fee & Deemed NoC 14.12.2022 14-12-2022 pdf-img
Tower Policy Order RoW Portal 14.12.2022 14-12-2022 pdf-img
Oreder for Drone Technology 07-11-2022 pdf-img
Establishment of "Security Operational Center (SOC)" in MP State Data Center  (SDC) 01-08-2022 pdf-img
Circulars & Orders Mobile TowEdit Linker 16-09-2022 pdf-img
Circulars & Orders Amended टॉवर निति 2019  15.09.2022 pdf-img
Administrative Approval for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project 29-06-2022 pdf-img
Computer Proficiency Certification Test - CPCT - Score Card 23-Mar-2021 pdf-img
MAP-IT Merge Order 08.02.2021 08-Feb-2021 pdf-img
New IT APEX Committee Order 19-Nov-2020 pdf-img
Minutes of meeting - MP online Part 5 11-June-2020 pdf-img
Enabling country policy for Email Access 02-Mar-2020 pdf-img
Stamps Letter 02-Mar-2020 pdf-img
Online Portal as per the amendments for IT/ITES/ESDM Investment Incentive Policy 25-Feb-2020 pdf-img
Adhaar Authentication and Adhaar e-Sign 23-Oct-2019 pdf-img
IT/ITES/ESDM -Application Date Extension Order 01-Nov-2019 pdf-img
IT Policy 2016 amendment Order 28-Sep-2019 pdf-img
IT Policy 2016 and IT Scheme 2016 amendment order 28-Sep-2019 pdf-img
All CPCT Circular Part-2 24-Jul-2019 pdf-img
e-Waste Circular 19-Jun-2019 pdf-img
e-Daksh Circular 4-Jun-2019 pdf-img
Tower Policy Related Circular 09-May-19 pdf-img
MP Online part-4 12-Apr-2019 pdf-img
e-Tendering Circular 19-Nov-2018 pdf-img
e-Tendering Circular 15-Nov-2018 pdf-img
e-Tendering Circular 15-Nov-2018 pdf-img
e-Tendering Circular 13-Aug-2018 pdf-img
Electronic Service Delivery Rules, 2017 31-May-18 pdf-img
Part 2_DBT Circular 13-Aug-18 pdf-img
Part 5_Department Circular 19-July-18 pdf-img
Part 3_MP Online Circular 01-May-18 pdf-img
GIGW Circular 25-Mar-17 pdf-img
MP IT Rules - 2017 10-Jul-17 pdf-img
Part 1_DBT Circular 01-Aug-17 Bharat 
Bharat Net Circular  8-Nov-16 pdf-img
Part 4_Department Circular 07-06-16 pdf-img
Aadhar Circular Part 2 15-Sept-2016 pdf-img
Part 2_SRDH Circular 02-Mar-16 pdf-img
Part 1_SRDH Circular 05-Mar-16 pdf-img
CS-IT APEX Committee Circulars 28-Aug-2012 pdf-img
IT APEX Committee Addition ToR Digital India 18-Feb-2015 pdf-img
Cable TV Digitization Circular 23-Dec-15 pdf-img
Notification 22/7/15 22-Jul-15 pdf-img
Part 3_Department Circular 29-June-15 pdf-img
MP Online Circular Part 2 16-Sept-15 pdf-img
Minutes of the Meeting for MP Online Part-2 08-July-15 pdf-img
Aadhar Circular Part 1 (1-120) 12-Mar-2015 pdf-img
CPCT Circular  20-Oct-2014 pdf-img
Minutes of the Meeting for MP Online Part-1 13-June-14 pdf-img
NOFN(Bharat Net) Circular 02-Apr-14 pdf-img
MP Online Circular Part 3 22-Feb-2014 pdf-img
Cloud Computing e-Gov-12 13-Dec-13 pdf-img
e-Gov-11,Unicode 5-Dec-13 pdf-img
4G Policy & Circular 18-Sep-13 pdf-img
 IT Investment Area Notification 14-May-13 pdf-img
 E-Govt. 6 , Instructions in relation to the operation of smart/virtual classrooms in State government schools / colleges. 24-Jan-13 pdf-img
 e-Gov-6, list of identified collages for Virtual Class Project 2012-2013 24-Jan-13 pdf-img
 e-Gov-6, The List of School Education Department(Appendix-1) 24-Jan-13 pdf-img
 e-Gov-6, Tribal Welfare Department (Appendix-1) 24-Jan-13 pdf-img
 e-Gov-6, The List of Pilot locations (Appendix-2) 24-Jan-13 pdf-img
 e-Govt.9, Guidelines in relation to the State Data Center project 24-Apr-13 pdf-img
 e-Govt.10, In relation to the E-Transaction. 25-Apr-13 pdf-img
Part 1_Department Circular 22-May-12 pdf-img
Part 2_Department Circular 22-May-12 pdf-img
 Order In relation to the Information technology investment policy 2012 26-Oct-12 pdf-img
 Dept_order - In respect of reimbursement of skill gaps Training expenses for IT based Industries in clause 10 of IT Investment Policy 2012. 07-Dec-12 pdf-img
  Rule- The allocation of government land located in Information technology owned IT Park. 23-Mar-13 pdf-img
 e-Gov II - Digital Signature Circular 30-Aug-12 pdf-img
Cyber Cafe Circular 22-Aug-12 pdf-img
 Order related to rates for Allotment of Land in IT Park, Badwai-Bhopal 18-May-11 pdf-img
 Details of the employee's fixed asset 2009 Jul-10 pdf-img
 Incentives to IT/BPO Companies- Govt.order 24-Oct-09 pdf-img
 Uniformity in Websites of Govt.Depts - Order 28-Apr-08 pdf-img
 Land lease of 99 years for SEZ project - govt. 22-Sep-07 pdf-img
 Public Information Officer Order 14-Sep-07 pdf-img
 Establishment Order for Common Service Centers 28-May-07 pdf-img
 SWAN Project Approval 16-Apr-07 pdf-img
 e-Tendering system (Departmental Order) 7-Sep-06 pdf-img
Land allotment to IT Companies 7-Sep-06 pdf-img
MP Online Circular Part 1 7-Nov-05 pdf-img