Madhya Pradesh State Data Centre

State Data Centre (SDC) is envisioned as the 'shared, reliable and secure infrastructure services centre for hosting and managing the e-Governance Applications of State and its constituent departments/Organization. Presently, the IT Centre is in the configuration phase and is being executed by HCL Infosystems.


Setting up Madhya Pradesh SDC would lead to enhanced reliability & security of Information Systems through centralized management of IT Infrastructure adopting the necessary measures and practices. Further, due to centralized management, the cost of infrastructure creation would reduce and lead to better monitoring, management for GoMP and its Departments. There would be availability of 'IT Infrastructure on Demand' to the various departments & offices of GoMP with optimal utilization by sharing of IT Infrastructure resources to meet individual peak loads. Further to this the envisaged outcomes of SDC are :

  • Improved & Dynamic Scalability
  • Centralized and Simplified Management
  • Improved quality of Data housekeeping
  • Lower risk of data loss
  • Higher availability of system and data- 24x7x365
  • Better management of security & access control
  • Guaranteed Service Levels
  • Standardization of Systems
  • Faster Implementation cycle times
  • Stable and Predictable Physical and Technical Environment