What is m Governance?

M-Governance is the use of mobile or wireless to improve Governance service and information "anytime, anywhere". M-Governance is not a replacement for e-Governance, rather it complements eGovernance . m-Governance takes electronic services and makes them available via mobile technologies using devices such as mobile phones.


  • Utilization of all kinds of wireless and mobile technology services, applications and devices for providing services that benefit citizens, businesses and government units.
  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness of government processes and aids the emergence of the digital citizen.
  • Extends the reach of effective governance to a larger population.
  • Improves efficiency, service responsiveness, accountability and cost effectiveness for government departments.

Some of the Key Initiatives in State:

IRCTC SMS for Madhya Pradesh Tourism

  • Used SMS technology to reach out to the customer and give proper information about destination & MPT Hotels.
  • Prior availability of relevant information about the state.
  • Consumers were given information about Madhya Pradesh through a follow up SMS after they have booked the ticket.
  • The users are filtered who booked a ticket to a station in Madhya Pradesh and then sent an SMS to them. SMS works on all phones and has high acceptability.

SMS Based Monitoring System – Rural Development (MGNREGS), Zila Panchayat Betul

  • Mobile technology is used to get the information through SMS from every GP, Rural Engineering services, Forest Department, NGO and other agency regarding sanction works, works in progress, employment offered in the day and pending wages more than 12 days on website www.mgnregabetul.org till 12.00 noon.
  • Daily work status received through SMS is monitored and each GP and line departments' report analyzed and effective measures are taken immediately to improve the progress and making wage payment.
  • By this system, report of any period (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or between any two dates) is also generated, so that one can know which agency has not opened the works, employed Labours continuously or less numbers of Labours are engaged.
  • Pending wage report also enables us to ensure timely and speedy fund flow.
  • Daily report is analyzed at Block level, Zila Panchayat level and progress improvement measures are taken immediately.
  • It is on public domain so that every citizen can view the status of NREGA works and Labour in numbers.

Mobile Technology for Maintaining Law and Order – Khandwa District

The district administration undertook this initiative of introducing mobile technology for maintaining law and order at the temple. Closed-Circuit Television Cameras (CCTVs) were installed at important locations in the temple. The feed of these cameras is then transmitted on mobile phones. The district officials can monitor the crowds effectively at all times and all the officials simultaneously get the feeds, which precludes the requirement of being at the premises all the time. Proactive measures are taken to prevent crowd bottlenecks and ensure the pilgrimage is a comfortable and soothing affair.